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How do I prevent getting pregnant from sex?

There are many methods of contraception to prevent pregnancy. Learn about all the options and decide which is best for your lifestyle.

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Think you know? See which contraceptive works for you!
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Socializing During COVID-19

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Dating During COVID-19

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Suicide Awareness, Prevention, & Resources

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Sexual health is only a
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Whether you're on the pill or another form of contraception, being in control of your reproductive and sexual health IS self care. If you have questions about contraceptives, send them to SafeTeens Answers! All you have to do is text SAFE to 57890 then ask your question. ...

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Comprehensive sexuality education is based on the idea that young people have the right to be informed about their sexuality and to make responsible decisions about their sexual and reproductive health. Schools in Pennsylvania aren't required to teach sex education, but that doesn't mean it's not essential.

Tell us, what's one thing you wish you had learned or had the space to talk about in sex ed? πŸ‘‡