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How do I prevent getting pregnant from sex?

There are many methods of contraception to prevent pregnancy. Learn about all the options and decide which is best for your lifestyle.

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Think you know? See which contraceptive works for you!
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Socializing During COVID-19

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Dating During COVID-19

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Suicide Awareness, Prevention, & Resources

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I’m not sure how to come
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Sexual health is only a
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Oh hi, just wanted to say SafeTeens supports confidential and safe reproductive health information, STI testing, and free/low cost contraceptives for ALL PA teens. Visit us at safeteens.org! ...

This is your Friday evening reminder that you do not need to fit into a box someone else created for you. You can like make up & sports & music & cooking & science & fashion & knowledge regardless of your gender. Gender roles are a social construct. AKA they're not real. πŸ–€ ...

That's not quite how it works. πŸ˜…
SafeTeens believes all teens and young adults deserve access to accurate and comprehensive sex education. Visit safeteens.org or send a text to SafeTeens Answers! for answers to your sexual health questions. All you need to do is text SAFE to 57890 then ask away.