Healthy Eating During The Holidays

December 15, 2011

When thinking of the holiday season, three things usually come to mind: spending time with family and friends, shopping for that perfect holiday gift, and last, but certainly not least, the festive holiday foods.
Food has become such a large part of holiday tradition; however, when you’re around the dinner table with your family or out at a holiday party with some friends, it’s easy to overeat or make unhealthy food choices.
Here’s the good news: you won’t have to give up your favorite holiday pie or pass on that extra piece of turkey in order to remain healthy. There are some traditional holiday favorites that when altered just a bit, can make for healthier choices while still packing your favorite flavor.

  • Pumpkin and Sweet Potato, found in many holiday dishes and delicious pies, is a good source of fiber and vitamin A.
  • Stuffing can be turned into a healthy dish by adding beneficial ingredients such as nuts, dried fruits, carrots or celery.
  • Cranberry contains antioxidants that may help prevent bladder infection and other related conditions.
  • Turkey, which is a main course at holiday dinner, is a good source of protein. It lowers the risk of cancer and heart disease and also boosts your immune system.

So what do you do if you make unhealthy choices around the dinner table? You can use this time of year to go out and get active in ways that you will enjoy.
Decorating for the holidays is a tradition that allows you to spend time with your family while staying active. You can also call up a friend and go shopping for some holiday gift ideas. Even if you don’t buy anything, it will provide you quality time with a friend as well as health benefits. While you’re browsing, maybe pick up some healthy gift ideas such a decorative water bottle and encourage someone you know to make healthier choices with you this holiday season.
The most important part about the holidays is sharing it with those you love and enjoying the time you have with them. Keep these tips in mind and share them in order for you and those around you to have a healthier, happier holiday season.