Men & Alcohol

When movies and advertisements suggest that all you have to do to be a man is drink alcohol – and drink a lot of it – it’s no wonder that guys feel pressured to drink. While some guys drink because their curious to see what it feels like, other guys feel drinking will allow them to prove their masculinity to peers and gain popularity.
At the Man Cave, we know that this type of thinking is not only misguided and dangerous but also based on misconceptions, so we want to clear a few things up:
First, guys often think their peers drink more than they actually do. In reality, most high school kids don’t drink at all. And those that do probably drink less than you think they do. So if you’re drinking to keep up with your buddies, chances are you’re drinking much more than your buddies.
Second, guys sometimes think drinking can prove a guy’s manhood. But the truth is beer funnel after beer funnel or shot after shot will not make you any more of a man and masculinity cannot be found at the bottom of a bottle. Being a man is not about following the crowd. It’s about being your own person able to resist the influence of others when necessary; it’s about taking care of your health and doing the right thing, even if it’s not popular.
Alcohol abuse, particularly binge drinking, can have extreme consequences. Abstain from alcohol and take control of yourself and your health and you’ll prove your manhood not by the number of beers you chug, but by being your own person independent of the influence of others.