Bucks County

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The following sexuality education programs can be found in Bucks County, Pennsylvania:

The Rainbow Room

Organization: Planned Parenthood Keystone
Program Site: Community
Program Orientation: [ninja-popup ID=85483]Youth Development[/ninja-popup]
Demonstrated Effectiveness: [ninja-popup ID=85477]Other[/ninja-popup]
Serving: 14 to 21 year olds. May include a special focus for LGBTQ youth.[ninja-popup ID=85406]*[/ninja-popup]
Description: The Rainbow Room is a weekly LGBTQA+ youth program that features a blend of education, recreation and advocacy. Program topics include sexuality education, life skills, LGBTQA+ history, guest speakers, game nights and activities to promote health, wellness and a strong sense of belonging within LGBTQA+ communities and the world. The program is confidential, free and provides a space where LGBTQA+ youth can learn, build support networks, and have fun. More info.

Be Proud! Be Responsible!

Organization: Planned Parenthood Keystone
Program Site: School, Community
Program Orientation: [ninja-popup ID=85481]Sexual Health Education[/ninja-popup]
Demonstrated Effectiveness: [ninja-popup ID=85401]Evidence-Based [/ninja-popup]
Serving: 11 to 18 year olds [ninja-popup ID=85406]*[/ninja-popup]
Description: Be Proud! Be Responsible! is a five hour intervention designed to modify behaviors and build knowledge, understanding, and a sense of responsibility regarding STD/HIV risk in vulnerable youth. The intervention aims to affect knowledge, beliefs, and intentions related to condom use and sexual behaviors such as initiation and frequency of intercourse. Planned Parenthood Keystone delivers Be Proud! Be Responsible! through a Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) grant that also includes two additional hours of content focused on the adult preparation topics adolescent development and healthy life skills. Planned Parenthood Keystone implements Be Proud! Be Responsible! with trained educators. More info.

Health Sexuality Curriculum

Organization: Bristol Township School District
Program Site: School
Program Orientation: [ninja-popup ID=85481]Sexual Health Education[/ninja-popup]
Demonstrated Effectiveness: [ninja-popup ID=85401]Evidence-Based [/ninja-popup]
Serving: 14 to 21 year olds [ninja-popup ID=85406]*[/ninja-popup]
Description: This is currently part of a comprehensive High School health (9-12) curriculum. It is 6-7 week program that includes lessons on Reproduction/Anatomy, Pregnancy, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Prevention, Relationships, Orientation, Behavior, and Identity. We utilized a multitude of evidence based lesson plans from various sources including our text book, OWL, Sex Ed 101, Game On!, Advocates for Youth, Unequal Partners, Essential Health, etc. We are also in the midst of developing our Middle School (6-8) sexuality curriculum in an effort to have a comprehensive developmentally appropriate evidence based curriculum district wide.

Teen-Friendly Reproductive Health Centers in Bucks County

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