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The following sexuality education programs can be found in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania:

SafeTeens Lessons

Organization: Maternal and Family Health Services
Program Site: Clinic, School, Community
Program Orientation: [ninja-popup ID=85481]Sexual Health Education[/ninja-popup]
Demonstrated Effectiveness: [ninja-popup ID=85477]Other[/ninja-popup]
Serving: 15 to 17 year olds[ninja-popup ID=85406]*[/ninja-popup]
Description: Maternal and Family Health Services (MFHS) provides education on pregnancy and disease prevention in Lackawanna and Wayne County schools. These adaptable lessons are facilitated by a MFHS nurse practitioner or an adolescent health expert. Lessons utilize pop culture videos to cover STDs and disease prevention; birth control methods and pregnancy prevention; and accessing free or low cost, confidential care at MFHS Reproductive Health Centers. The lessons are typically 45 to 60 minutes in length. Approximately 700 Wayne County students and 700 Lackawanna County students take part in SafeTeens Lessons each year. Maternal and Family Health Services is particularly interested in expanding SafeTeens Lessons in Lackawanna, Schuylkill, and lower Luzerne counties. More info.


Organization: Maternal & Family Health Services
Program Site: School, Community
Program Orientation: [ninja-popup ID=85481]Sexual Health Education[/ninja-popup]
Demonstrated Effectiveness: [ninja-popup ID=85401]Evidence-Based [/ninja-popup]
Serving: 14 to 24 year olds[ninja-popup ID=85406]*[/ninja-popup]
Description: All4You! is designed to reduce the number of students who have unprotected sexual intercourse, which is associated with increased risk of HIV, other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and unplanned pregnancy. The program also aims to change key determinants related to sexual risk taking, such as attitudes, beliefs, and perceived norms. The All4You! program has two primary instructional components—a skills-based HIV, other STD and pregnancy prevention curriculum and service- learning visits in the community—that are integrated and delivered as a 14-session program (about 26 hours total). MFHS implements All4You! with trained trainers and trained educators. More info.


Be Proud! Be Responsible!

Organization:Planned Parenthood Keystone
Program Site: School, Community
Program Orientation: [ninja-popup ID=85481]Sexual Health Education[/ninja-popup]
Demonstrated Effectiveness: [ninja-popup ID=85401]Evidence-Based [/ninja-popup]
Serving: 11 to 18 year olds[ninja-popup ID=85406]*[/ninja-popup]
Description: Be Proud! Be Responsible! is a five hour intervention designed to modify behaviors and build knowledge, understanding, and a sense of responsibility regarding STD/HIV risk in vulnerable youth. The intervention aims to affect knowledge, beliefs, and intentions related to condom use and sexual behaviors such as initiation and frequency of intercourse. Planned Parenthood Keystone delivers Be Proud! Be Responsible! through a Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) grant that also includes two additional hours of content focused on the adult preparation topics adolescent development and healthy life skills. Planned Parenthood Keystone implements Be Proud! Be Responsible! with trained educators. More info.


Organization: Scranton School District
Program Site: School
Program Orientation: [ninja-popup ID=85483]Youth Development[/ninja-popup]
Demonstrated Effectiveness: [ninja-popup ID=85477]Other[/ninja-popup]
Serving: 12 to 21 year olds [ninja-popup ID=85406]*[/ninja-popup]
Description: Our school district is currently reviewing curriculum with our curriculum committee on establishing a blended comprehensive sexual health curriculum. We are using the FLASH Curriculum, the sexual education network and Advocates for Youth’s Rights, Respect, Responsibility: A K-12 Curriculum as resources.
FLASH is a widely used comprehensive sexual health education curriculum developed by Public Health Seattle–King County designed to prevent teen pregnancy, STDs, and sexual violence, and is available for elementary, middle, high school and special education classrooms. FLASH lessons prepare students to: abstain from sex, confirm consent before engaging in sexual activity, communicate with their family about sexual health, make decisions that minimize risk to their sexual health, seek medical care in order to take care of their reproductive health.
Sexual Education Network has over 100 lesson plans, including handouts, on a comprehensive list of topics, from puberty to senior citizens and includes discussion forums to describe the successes, challenges, and adaptations of different lessons.
Rights, Respect, Responsibility : A K-12 Curriculum fully meets the National Sexuality Education Standards and covers all 16 topics recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as essential components of sexual health education. It is inclusive for issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity and includes family homework activities resources for educators at every grade level.

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