Susquehanna County

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The following sexuality education programs can be found in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania:

Rikers Health Advocacy Program (RHAP)

Organization: Trehab
Program Site: School
Program Orientation: [ninja-popup ID=85481]Sexual Health Education[/ninja-popup]
Demonstrated Effectiveness: [ninja-popup ID=85401]Evidence-Based [/ninja-popup]
Serving: 12 to 19 year olds; may include a special focus for LGBTQ youth and pregnant and parenting youth[ninja-popup ID=85406]*[/ninja-popup]
Description: The Rikers Health Advocacy Program is designed to produce problem-solving skills for HIV/AIDS prevention among high-risk youth, particularly drug users and youth in correctional facilities. The Rikers Health Advocacy Program is based on a “problem-solving therapy” approach, which focuses on problem orientation, defining and formulating a problem, generating alternative solutions, decision making, and implementing a solution. The topics covered by the Rikers Health Advocacy Program include: general health, HIV and AIDS, drug abuse and its consequences, sexual behavior, health and AIDS-risk behaviors, and strategies for seeking health and social services. This program is a two-week intervention, consisting of two, one-hour group sessions each week, for a total of four sessions. Trehab implements Rikers Health Advocacy Program (RHAP) with trained educators. More info.

Teen-Friendly Reproductive Health Centers in Susquehanna County

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