No Judgement STD Testing

No Judgement STD Testing

Teen and NurseSTDs are sneaky — many teens have a high chance of catching at least one of them, and when they’re infected, most teens don’t even know it.
It’s time to get tested if:

  • You had sex (oral, vaginal, or anal) with a new partner in the last three months
  • You didn’t use a condom the last time you had oral, vaginal or anal sex.
  • You had sex (oral, vaginal or anal) with two or more people in the last three months
  • You’re a guy who has ever had oral or anal sex with another guy
  • You had an STD in the past year
  • Someone you had sex with has an STD


The Good News

You can get free STD testing and treatment at four Maternal & Family Health Services locations. Our STD testing is judgement-free and confidential, so no one (like your parents) ever has to know you’ve been tested. Call to make an appointment:
MFHS Scranton
640 Madison Ave (use Pine St. entrance)
Scranton, PA 18510
MFHS Hazleton
10 West Chestnut Street, Suite 6
Hazleton, PA 18201
570-501-2941 & 570-501-2961
MFHS Pottsville
2510 West Market Street
Pottsville, PA 17901
MFHS Hawley
8 Silk Mill Drive
Suite 226
Hawley, PA 18428
Find the same great care at teen-friendly health centers across Pennsylvania.

Got questions?

How do I make an appointment?
Call one of the numbers above, and tell the receptionist you’d like to make an appointment for STD testing. They’ll ask you some basic questions, like your name and age, and give you the time of your appointment.
How old do I have to be?
Anyone ages 14 or older can make an appointment without a parent.
What happens during an STD tests?
There are a few different types of STD tests. Some are pretty easy — as easy as peeing in a cup. For that one, a nurse will give you a cup, and you’ll go into a bathroom to pee inside of it. You’ll return the filled cup to the nurse, and they’ll send it to the lab for testing. Another test may require a blood-draw (a little bit of blood is collected with a needle). The nurses at MFHS will go over your options.
Do I need to have insurance?
No, but we do take insurance. If you do not have insurance, that’s fine, too. At MFHS, STD testing is free.
What if I test positive?
If you test positive, the nurse will call you to give you a prescription or referral for treatment. The good news: Many STDs are curable, and go away with just a few doses of antibiotics — just like other infections. Most types of STDs will not go away on their own, so it is important to get the care you need.
Does MFHS offer birth control? 
Yes! Birth control is now easier than ever, and many methods don’t require you to remember to take a pill every day. If you make an appointment for birth control, the nurses will help you explore your options and pick the type that’s right for you. We also offer pregnancy testing, and if you test positive, we’ll help you explore your options.
More questions?
Ask SafeTeens Answers! by texting “SAFE” to 57890, then ask your question.