Condoms: The Low Down

Consider this:

1. Sex lasts longer with a condom. Most of the time, anyway. While quantity doesn’t always equality quality, longer-lasting sex is generally better sex – for both you and your partner.

2. There is a condom for every guy. Because variations in condoms are specially designed to enhance pleasure in different ways, you can easily find a kind and brand you enjoy. And if you’re the adventurous type of guy, you can try different types of condoms with each experience.

3. Gearing up can be sexy too. There’s no rule that says putting on a condom must be a solo performance. Get creative! There is more than one way to put on a condom.


1. Two for the price of one. Condoms help protect both 1. you and 2. your partner. In fact, latex condoms are the only birth control method that protects 1. against pregnancy and 2. against STDs. (When it comes to STD protection, lambskin condoms are less effective; hormonal contraception like “the pill” and “the patch” don’t protect against STDs at all.)

2. No glove, no love. Condoms should be used anytime a guy inserts his penis into another person. Even oral sex, you ask? Yup, even during oral sex. Use a new condom anytime you switch holes or partners.

3. Stay in it to win it. Use a condom from start to finish to effectively block the transfer of fluids between partners.

4. Stock up today. Condoms are available at drug stores and our reproductive health centers for guys and girls of any age. No prescription required.

Had sex without condoms? You can get tested for STDs at many Reproductive Health Centers in Pennsylvania. Click here or call 1-866-SAFETEENS to find a center near you.