Welcome to the Man Cave

July 3, 2012

A few short months ago, we asked you, the users of SafeTeens, what part of the site you most wanted to see expanded. When the votes were counted and the dust settled, one thing was clear: Pennsylvania’s teens are practically squealing – er, grunting – for a Man Cave that is interesting, informative and reliable.
That’s why we were stoked to finish up Men’s Health Month in June with a grand re-launch of the Man Cave. While before today, the Man Cave occupied only a small corner of the SafeTeens universe, today, it has grown much larger, tackling many questions and anxieties central in the lives of guys.
In the Man Cave, you’ll find lots of information – information on sex and health and girls and other guys – but if you stay awhile, you’ll leave with something much more: a deeper, more complete understanding of what it means to be a man in the twenty-first century.
Without a doubt, such an understanding is needed – and longed for – now more than ever. During no other time in the history of the world have so many conflicting ideas existed all at once about what it means to be a man. We built the Man Cave to set the record straight and put rumors to rest, and hopefully, too, to lessen the anxieties and uncertainties all guys develop between boyhood and adulthood.
This is only the beginning. We do not plan to launch the Man Cave and walk away. In the coming months, we will make the Man Cave more interactive, more relevant and more impactful. We’ll delve into more topics: risk-taking, homophobia, sexism, bullying, gangs, violence. All the while, we’ll be asking your advice. Like the decision to expand the Man Cave to begin with, the future directions the Man Cave takes will be determined by your desires and interests. Because of that, we know that the best days of the Man Cave are yet to come.